Why are Beachbody programs so effective?

Fitness + Nutrition + Accountability + support = success! Beachbody is all of these things. What I LOVE about Beachbody program is how everthing is laid out for me! I order the program I want and it comes with a workout schedule to tell me exactly what workout to do and when to do it! It even plans out my rest days!

To add to that Beachbody workout programs come with nutrition plans. Each program varies slightly. Some are more specific than other. One of my favorite program is 21 Day Fix which lists out appropriate food to eat and how much to eat. You really can’t get much more simple than this. It is all laid out for you!

When you order your program from me your coach you will then be able to participate in my challenge group. Challenge groups offer support, daily motivation, fitness tips, and accountability. I found that when I have others in the group holding me accountable, I am so much more likely to succeed!

The icing on the cake is Beachbody’s 30 day money back guarantee! If you don’t see results in 30 days, even if your program is used and you can see the bottom of your Shakeology bag, there is a money back guarantee!