What is Shakeology?

What is Shakeology?
Best known as “your daily dose of dense nutrition,” Shakeology is a premium superfood shake containing healthy ingredients, including super-proteins, super-fruits, super-greens, antioxidants, adaptogen herbs, pre and pro-biotics, and digestive enzymes. The amazing benefits come from herbs, roots, fruits, and vegetables that range from the commonly known, like pomegranate and blueberry, to the exotic, like goji berry and maca root. These incredible whole food ingredients from around the world, uncooked and unprocessed, provide a wealth of superfood nutrition all in one shake.

Shakeology Product Line
Shakeology is nutrition simplified. There are seven varieties of Shakeology: Vanilla, Chocolate, Café Latte, Strawberry, Greenberry, Tropical Strawberry Vegan, or Chocolate Vegan shake. I drink Shakeology every day to give my body whole food protiens, amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics, adaptogens, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. For me, Shakeology has increased my energy, reduced my sweet cravings, and helps keep me regular!

I like to drink it right away in the morning after my workout or after my runs to help my muscles repair and recover.

At 130-170 calories per serving it is a healthy snack or a meal when other ingredients are added.

Are there any preservatives or artifical sweeteners in Shakeology?
No. There are no preservatives or artifical sweeteners. Shakeology is sweetened with stevia. And all natural plant based sweeter.

Why isn’t Shakeology certified organic?
Due to the exotic nature of the ingredients, the process for certifiying all the ingredients is complex. The Shakeology experts are working on organic certification. Stay Tuned!!

Value of Shakeology
At $4 per serving without the 25% coach discount, each serving contains the same nutritional value as:

3 cups of romaine lettuce
4 cups of raw mushrooms
1 shot of wheatgrass
1 bowl of exotic fruit
3 raw onions
7 raw carrots
4 cups of non-fat yogurt
4 cups of red radishes
4 cups of raw broccoli
1 cup of peas
10 cups of cauliflower

Buying all of these ingredients individually would cost approximately $41 versus just $4 for one serving of Shakeology!