Reflections from my second half marathon

Today I ran my second half marathon!  The Eau Claire Marathon is a great race on beautiful trails winding through the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers.

  • I had a goal to beat my time from my last half of 1:55:09.  Said goal was not met by 27 seconds.  Am I going to beat myself up over it?  No!  I had a good run and I am happy with that!  
  • Thank you to my running partners yesterday.  There was not a lot of talking going on during the huffing and puffing, but just having you all near was support enough!  Running friends are the best!
  • Another hill…I just went up one! For the love!
  • Loved seeing all of the purple Moms on the Run shirts and having the awesome support of my fellow mother runners! 
  • When I felt tired and my mind started to taunt me into quitting, I stopped focusing on how far I had to go and instead just focused on being in the moment, loving the run and putting one foot in front of the other.
  • Thank you family, friends, and random strangers for cheering us on!  It helped!
  • Blugold mile – great motivation to run faster!  There was no other option, I could NOT stop with all those people around!
  • Four years ago I was not a runner!  When I saw a runner on the street, I would think, “why would you want to run for fun or exercise?!”  Now I get it and it is all because of Moms on the Run!  Now, onto Grandma’s half marathon!